TOP 10 Hottest Overwatch Girls 2019

 TOP 10 Best Overwatch Babe 2019

My waifu at #8 Hurts A Lot!

I ran a poll that span a year I think. Managed to grab only 66 votes and here are the top 10 hottest overwatch babe of 2019. I'm sad that Pharah is one of the most bottom ranked girls. Easily top one in my book!

#1 Widowmaker (14 votes)

Kneel Down To Your New Queen!

Honestly surprised she took this, I guess she has better ASSets than D.va? To be honest, I was so sure D.va would win and she did lead the polls until the Widowmaker fans came in!

#2 D.Va (12 votes)

She looks real!!!

With 12 votes we have D.va! Which was expected I guess.

#3 Mei (10 votes)

In her natural thicc Environment


#4 Mercy (8 votes)

What I'd do to have a Mercy

Deserved! Very close battle between the two characters(Mercy and Tracer). I'd pick Mercy over Tracer anyday!

#5 Tracer (7 votes)

It's all about the ass



#6 Sombra (6 votes)[Although she has the highest views in her post here)

Well she was leading first so I have to pick her although I favor Brigitte over her!

#7 Brigitte (6 votes) 

Brigitte looking out for some prey!

Muscular bae! Deserved!

#8 Pharah Amari (2 votes)

Pharah doesn't care about you or my opinion!

Heartbroken. She deserved better. *hugs pharah* Who wouldn't want a strong Waifu that can defend you?

#9 Ana Amari (1 vote)

I told you she was hot!

Kinda expected her to be the bottom last one. Should have mentioned her as young but she still looks good anyway!

#10 Zarya (0 votes)

Liftin Weights like a boss!

I feel bad now :( Need some love and hugs for this muscle bae!

I will try to improve the next poll(I have no ideas for now) as the site I was using was limited to 10 only. With the addition of newer Champs there's bound to be more hot overwatch babe in the future(I hope!)

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