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I'll beat you up
Android 18 (人造人間18号,) also known as Lazuli (ラズリ) is the creation of Dr Gero. In order to defeat Goku he had created two Androids which backfired on him as he was later on destroyed by Android 17 which is Lapis. In the timeline of Future Trunks, she destroys everyone on planet Earth and she and Android 17 later on defeated Future Gohan and left Future Trunks in despair. In the current timeline, she was almost killed when Krillin was helding a detonator that could make her explode. He however refused to do so as his mind were in a dilemma on whether to destroy her or not as he received a kiss from her earlier. Later in the series, she was absorbed by Cell but would survive when Gohan punched Cell so hard he vomitted her out. Krillin wished for her to have free of bomb and become a human. She later married Krillin which can later be seen in the Buu saga.

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