Tekken - Asuka Kazama Images #3

eating food tekken kazama
Asuka drinking a soft drink from a familiar fast food restaurant

Asuka Kazama (風間 飛鳥) is known as a person that is nosy and dwell into other people's businesses by solving them. First appearing in Tekken 5, she is very strong and would normally solve said problems by beating an opponent. One day, her father's Dojo was destroyed by a Chinesemen named Feng Wei who is rumored to appear in The King of Iron Fist Tournament. She went on to get her revenge and beat him but stayed to gain pleasure from fighting other people. Her story ends while accidentally touching Jin after beating Jinpachi Mishima and restored Jin's original more human form. When Jin wakes up from his slumber, she got up and face planted into Asuka's breasts leaving the latter to punch him into a rock.

grinning cute lady

chewing bubble gum punching people
School Uniform is the best uniform

hot clothing

hot pictures of a female cha in tekken

teasing her butt

on a bicycle

picture of female cha in tekken
Hyped for Tekken 7 new Asuka Uniform

ecchi female tekken image

asuka photo

sexy female tekken picture
Grinning for..?

ecchi tekken images
Asuka Kicking

hot female picture character tekken
Hands down awesome uniform!

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