Attack on Titan - Annie Leonhart Pics

leonhardt from attack on titan
 Annie Look So Hot Here

Annie Leonhardt is a member of the 104th Training Corps and ranked 4th during the graduation. Noted for her incredible physical strength in armed combat and sword fighting but she struggles to work along her compatriots. *SPOILER ALERT* She has the ability to shift into a Titan and was raised by a her father to fight against humanity. Her role ends when she was beaten by Eren and the Military and froze herself in order for the information she held not to be disclosed.


aot female and male cha
attack on titan female hot

sexy female character from attack on titan

blushing female cha from aot
Cute Blushing Annie

aot female cha
Serious Annie

cute female from attack on titan

muscular female character attack on titan
Annie's Spectacular Abs

leonhardt from attack on titan

brutal female character

attack on titan annie

hot annie leonhardt

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