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Hottest Girls of OVerwatch
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Mei Smokin Hot

D.Va (Hana Song) , 19, Mech Pilot
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Hana Song lookin great
D.Va used to be an esport gamer. Used as an aggressive tank, pushed to the enemy side and causing havoc. She has short range of weapons with an ultimate that obliterate an entire room with one single blast. She has many health as a tanker and she is able to take off her meh and run when she loses. This will enable her to survive for a second time. Among her mech when she is unarmed are Fusion Cannons that have infinite ammo shotguns and a shield that can manage any threat for a little amount of time. Her weakness is having a short range and difficulty in moving.

Widowmaker (Amelie LaCroixe)
sexy widowmaker

Widowmaker is an assassin who have no emotion and remorse. She was the wife of Gerard Lacroix but then turned into an assassin after she was kidnapped by Talon and brainwashed into becoming their agent.

Tracer(Lena Oxton)
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Tracer is Hot
Tracer also known as Lena Oxton is an adventurer from London, England. the former Overwatch personel was the youngest person to be selected for the Overwatch experimental flight program. When she was testing a teleporting fighter called the slipstream an accident occured whereby the teleportation matrix malfunction causing it to disappear. When showed herself up again in a few months time she had suffered from a disorder called chronal disassociation. She cannot maintain her physical form until a doctor named Winston designed the chronal accelerator and kept her physical phorm in the present.

Mei (Mei-Ling Zhuo)
overwatch girls
Mei is a former Overwatch agent from Xi'an, China. She is a Climatologist and an Adventurer. She is trying make the environment safer on her own. She had made several innovation that help to protect at-risk areas in Asia. An incident occured while she was working at Antartica that caused herself and her colleagues a terrible situation. They finally accepted that their only way was to survive was to enter into crytostasis. She was discovered a few years later in hibernation while the rest of her compatriots lost.
Mercy (Angela Ziegler)
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Mercy, also known as Angela Zieglar is from Zurich, Switzerland and a former Overwatch agent. She is a doctor, a scientist and want peace for the word. She had manage to discover a solution that can treat life-threatening illnesses and injuries through the field of nanobiology. She now continues to help all the innocent lives that are in crisis after Overwatch had dissolved.

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