Shokugeki No Soma! - Erina Nakiri Picture Gallery

erina in bikini
Erina Nakiri is one of the main antagonist in the anime called Shokugeki No Soma. She is seen to be a cold and ruthless person from the outside and is inside the top 10 students circle. She closes down shops/restaurants if they fail to challenge in the school. Her father is the principle of the school. However, the appearance of Soma had rattled her cage a little. His attitude annoys her very much and to her surprise the food he cooked for the entrance exam tasted so good she approved it. However, she is a prideful person and rejected his application.

erina taking a slow bath

erina nakiri looks disappointed in a school uniform

erina nakiri preparing to have a bath in her robe

erina nakiri playing uno

erina nakiri in her pink bikini looking sexy

erina nakiri lifting her shirt

erina nakiri is naked in food

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