TOP 10 Hottest Girls from Bleach Photos

 TOP 10 Sexiest Babe of Bleach

#1 Yoruichi - She's one of the oldest captain and strongest individual physically in Bleach. She perfected Shunko which she used against Soi Fon when she was using hers. A very close friend of Uruhara since childhood. She was the captain of the Ommits Kidou Her looks and attitude gets Soi Fon to admire her. She was the head of the Shihouin family and was banished from Soul Society after helping Uruhara to escape the realm as he was accused of the hollowification experiment by Central 48.
yoruichi teasing her butt

yoruichi is naked inside a shower

yoruichi looking sexy

yoruichi uses school uniform and teacher's clothing

yoruichi shihouin in a white bikini
yoruichi with football jersey

shihouin yoruichi in black bikini posing for wallpaper

yoruichi with her hoodie

yoruichi takes a selfie at the beach

#2 Tia Halibel - One of the strongest of the Espada(3rd Ranked) and the sole female Espada. She is dark-skinned and have blonde hair. She fought on par with Hitsugaya in the Fake Karakura Town Arc only to be stabbed by Aizen in the end. During the fight with Hitsugaya, she also fought Lisa and Hiyori from the Vizards group. She has three Fraccion which she keep a close relationship with..

sexy image of tia halibel

photo of tier halibel with her sword

tier halibel finding enemy in hueco mundo

tia showing off her released form

tia harribel release sexy form

#3 Neliel Tu Oderschvank - Former 3rd Espada, she was beaten by two Espadas after Nnoitra punished her fraccion and won against her underhandedly by using Zzayel Apollo's science. She helped Ichigo get through Hueco Mundo and accompanied him until the untimely reunion with Nnoitra. She transformed into her original form and fought Nnoitra until her ressurecion form diminishes. She's known to be caring and considerate with her friends while have a very serious gaze on her opponents when she fights.
neliel looking for something to do
neliel posing as number 3 espada

neliel with sword and ripped clothing

neliel with ripped clothes wallpaper

hot neliel looking over with hoodie jacket
neliel looks over in confuse with her sexy ripped clothes

#4 Matsumoto Rangiku - Vice Lieutenant of Captain Hitsugaya and former captain, Kurosaki Isshin. Her physical attributes are being 'huge' and red hair. She loves to tease Hitsugaya and receives a handful from Hitsugaya when she does. She has Haineko as her zanpakutou and it was able to help her fight against her opponents by sending fine grains of sand that acts like tiny swords. She is the lover of Ichimaru Gin since childhood.
hot matsumoto in a school uniform
matsumoto with a dress and long hair

matsumoto short hair with black dress

bleach matsumoto rangiku smelling flowers

matsumoto in a white bikini looking hot

matsumto prepares to fight hollow in karakura town

#5 Inoue Orihime - Ichigo's red haired friend who is kind and considerate to everyone around her. She is a friend of Ichigo's childhood friend, Tatsuki and secretly admire him as seen before she was forced to leave the world after Ulquiorra threatened her friend's life. She has red hair and can cook various kind of food which are weird and sometimes not edible. She lives alone and lost her brother at a very young age.

orihime in a school uniform

 inoue orihime with her new outfit

Kūkaku Shiba

Kukaku Shiba holds one of the important position during the early Bleach arcs. Using her fireworks expertise, she devised a plan to launch Ichigo and his companion to smash through seireitei's spheres. She is seen as a feisty character as she made Ichigo know his place as he was fighting Ganju.

Bambietta Basterbine

Bambietta Basterbine is one of the strongest Quincies in the Thousand Year Arc Blood War. Her killer looks hides a sadistic personality as shown when she killed a bodyguard after being talked down by Jugram Haschwalth after disobeying her orders. She also very hot headed as shown when her friends left her and vent her furstration on killing other shinigami soldiers and went to battle human form Komamura. She was later on turned into a zombie by her own companion after her defeat.

Unohana Retsu

Unohana Taichou is one of the most supportive figure in the anime and manga. Her calm demeanor in handling situations have always been her strongest asset as shown when she was one of the first to figure out Aizen's betrayal. Among her compatriots she was always shown as soft spoken but easily let go an intense aura whenever she orders someone to do something or when she is opposed which makes them submit to her words. She was also one of the strongest captains in the Gotei 13 as later shown she was a former Kenpachi that have killed many people for fun.


Nemo Kurotsuchi is the vice-captain of Kurotsuchi Mayuri. She is an android designed by Kurotsuchi Mayuri and have dealt with his abusive behavior ever since as shown when he doesn't show remorse when spreading the poison during his battle with Ishida. She also carries multiple items in her inventory for Mayuri's usage. It was later revealed she had progressed beyond Mayuri's expectation and had discovered love for her creator whilst battling the elite quincy

Isane Kotetsu

Isane Kotetsu is the vice-captain of Unohana Retsu. She is seen as a calm and supportive person and have always stood by her captain. She is self conscious about her height and views Unohana as a motherly figure. She has doubts over her mind and sometimes make rash decisions when the situation is hopeless.

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